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Send them out on the streets with the right tool to keep details that fly at dinner or on the street or with the client on the phone.  They won’t forget a detail with a jotter and a pen attached right in their pocket, messenger bag, purse or tote.  They’ll be the first to contribute the new ideas that came to them at lunch.  You can count on them for the details because they won’t be able to forget them when they use the pen attached to the jotter to write them down!   They’ll thank you for branding the jotter when they get the sales award!

Your clients jot, too.  Ok, maybe they don’t call it jotting but you see the pocket and purse notepads all the time.  That’s a jotter. Now they are available in hard covers and show your logo on the front.

Do you already know what you want and want it quick?  Call us at 1-888-788-0101 and let’s start now.  We’ll even show you which items ship the quickest.

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Airline Travel Technology Set

Airline Travel Technology Set

as low as $22.98

Travel Leather Mini Jotter Notebook

Travel Leather Mini Jotter Notebook

as low as $34.99

Florentine Napa Leather The Educator Set

Florentine Napa Leather The Educator Set

as low as $24.17

Magnolia Ballpoint Pen & Vinyl Jotter Key Ring Set

Magnolia Ballpoint Pen & Vinyl Jotter Key Ring Set

as low as $8.50

Magnolia Ballpoint Pen / Vinyl Card Holder/ Jotter & Key Ring Set

Magnolia Ballpoint Pen / Vinyl Card Holder/ Jotter & Key Ring Set

as low as $13.00

Gift Set w/Tablet Folder / Jotter with Pen / Business Card Case

Gift Set w/Tablet Folder / Jotter with Pen / Business Card Case

as low as $112.00

Simulated Leather E-Organizer Jotter

Simulated Leather E Organizer Jotter

as low as $5.47

Split Open Briefcase

Split Open Briefcase

as low as $0.00

Leather Jotter & Card Wallet (Screen Printed)

Leather Jotter & Card Wallet (Screen Printed)

as low as $0.00

Deluxe Jotter

Deluxe Jotter

as low as $20.50

Deluxe Jotter

Deluxe Jotter

as low as $24.60

Letter Size Notepad Holder

Letter Size Notepad Holder

as low as $89.35

Letter Size Notepad Holder

Letter Size Notepad Holder

as low as $107.30

Slimline Notecard Jotter

Slimline Notecard Jotter

as low as $16.00

Slimline Notecard Jotter

Slimline Notecard Jotter

as low as $21.60

Jot-This Jotter/ Travel Wallet

Jot This Jotter/ Travel Wallet

as low as $22.10

Portable Desk Organizer Clutch - Synthetic Leather

Portable Desk Organizer Clutch Synthetic Leather

as low as $25.50

Signature Leather Jotter

Signature Leather Jotter

as low as $12.32

Quest 3-in-1 Leather Pocket Organizer Note Pad

Quest 3 in 1 Leather Pocket Organizer Note Pad

as low as $10.95

Book Style Jotter Notebook

Book Style Jotter Notebook

as low as $4.85

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When the clients come for the plant tour, you want to send them back with something that they will use.  When they head back to the office, they’ll put it in their pocket, briefcase, messenger bag or purse to use in just the right occasion.  If the kid’s school calls and says they need to bring 3 dozen cupcakes three days from now, writing a note gives them a fighting chance to remember.  With that guy that’s down the way at the driving range and you want to comment on his swing or give him your number, you can’t do that with a PDA.    When you’re out with the family and you remember something needs to happen first thing you write it down.  Keep it by your bedside to write down the ideas instead of letting them keep you up.

These jotters are elegant or edgy and fun.  Traditional executive note jotters that hold single sheets work great for pockets.  More deluxe jotters hold a calculator for making those “on the fly” decisions about pricing.  The attached pen makes writing that flight number down a lot easier when your boss is on the phone and you’re supposed to pick her up and you need to check arrival times when you get to the airport.  And, you’ll always know where you parked.

Classy or campy -- you’ll find the style to match your target audience, the budget and your brand.  Send them out with a jotter to ensure they remember the details and the great ideas when they’re out and about.  They’ll thank your brand when they get promoted because they always see to the details and contribute out-of-the-box ideas and solutions!

•    Golf outings
•    Charity events
•    Silent Auction basket items
•    New student orientation
•    Graduation gift
•    Sale team
•    Executive on-boarding
•    Customer thank you gift
•    Holiday gifts for employees or customers
•    Travel

By Brand

Aakron (2)
Alfa Instruments (2)
Allcasion Travelware Company (2)
Alstar Creations Inc (1)
Andrew Phillips - Millennium Leather (13)
AP Specialties (4)
Art Craft Leather Goods (15)
Ashlin Bpg Marketing (10)
AT Cross (2)
Atmec (American Tech Mat & Eq) (1)
Bags Depot Inc (2)
Barrington Executive Gifts (6)
Beacon Promotions INC (3)
Benmex International Inc (1)
Binaco (4)
Bullet Line Inc (9)
Calibre International (4)
Cameo Novelty & Pen Company (1)
Caplee Corporation (4)
Chameleon Like Inc (3)
Clava American (5)
Cosmo Fiber Corp (3)
Creative Leather Imaging (2)
Crown Products (11)
Datamax International Inc (1)
Debco Bag (15)
DLX Industries Inc (1)
eCentury Promos Inc (2)
Eisinger-Smith Incorporated (1)
Emporium Leather Co Inc (7)
Executive Gifts & Corporate Incentives (2)
Fanda LLC (4)
Fasttrack Promos (2)
Gold Bond (1)
GoodHope Bags (2)
Gordon SinClair (3)
Grand View Marketing Inc (1)
Graphic Image Inc (1)
Graphik Business Accessories (3)
Hamsar Diversco Inc (3)
Hans Manufacturing (5)
Henderson Leather (12)
Hit Promotional Products (10)
Hyline Dateminder Inc (2)
Idea International (2)
IMC (4)
International Merchandise Concepts (4)
Jay Plastics (9)
Jetline (5)
Journalbooks/ Timeplanner (61)
KNB Enterprises Inc (3)
La Belle Time/Hurricane Line (10)
Lanco (3)
Launch Group Corporation (1)
Leeds (19)
Logomark (7)
Magnet LLC (3)
Mi Pen Company (2)
MVP Gift Bag (1)
National Leather Goods Co Inc (7)
New England Leather Accessories Inc (8)
Nissun Cap Incorporated (10)
Pencoa/Supermatic (2)
Perfect Promotional Products/Norwood (4)
Phoenix Inc (3)
PlannerStore (3)
Posh Xessories Incorporated (19)
Prime Resources Corp (24)
PTC International (1)
Rata USA Inc (1)
RHB Marketing (11)
Sanford B2B (2)
Scully (9)
Sinoway Inc (2)
Spector & Co (16)
Starline USA (1)
Strong Leather (2)
Sweda (8)
Target Industries Inc (6)
Tempo Industries Inc (3)
TLT Leather (2)
Tonata Enterprise (1)
Traffic Works Inc (5)
Viewmark USA Inc (1)
Vitronic/Admanco (20)
Waldor Products (3)
Washington Promotional Group (4)
Winston Manufacturing (9)
Yafa Line (2)
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Beverage (1)
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Children (2)
College (445)
Communication (6)
Computer (4)
Convention (1)
Drinking (1)
Eating (3)
Emergency (4)
Environmental (2)
Executive (58)
Exercise (1)
Food (1)
Game (1)
Gift (5)
Health (1)
Hotel (1)
Household (41)
Light (1)
Medical (3)
Military (1)
Money (9)
Music (2)
Office (557)
Organization (22)
Pharmacy (2)
Real Estate (2)
Recycling (1)
Restaurant (1)
School (436)
Shopping (5)
Sport (2)
Time (1)
Trade Show (3)
Travel (22)
Vacation (2)
Valentine's Day (1)
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By Color

Bubble Gum (1)
Desert Rose (1)
Frosted Black (1)
Green Barrel (1)
Lavender Haze (1)
Lime Green/Green (1)
Orange Barrel (1)
Silver/Smoke Gray (1)
Smoke Gray Barrel (1)
White Pad (4)
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60 (3)
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100 (227)
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200 (4)
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10000 (2)
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