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Flashlights bring light to the dark.  Flashlights evoke the question, are there ever enough flashlights?  (similar to chocolate) Send your team out to play in the dark with safety first in mind.  There are hundreds of items, right here, to keep them safe inside and outside.  Brand them with your company identity and they’ll thank you when they return safely or just find their keys.  Flashlights can be so cost effective that you’ll want to put them in everyone’s hand or they can be deluxe and a welcome addition to the silent auction table.  Different styles match any budget or any branding style.  Select your color, budget and a target audience and select the perfect promotional piece for your brand!

Don’t forget to provide these for your field staff…if they visit homes, travel in the car or perform installations, these will be a well-used tool.  And, if they leave them behind, chances are greater they will be recovered…or at least an unintended gift with your logo.

Our team is trained to make your promotional purchase aggravation-free. Call us and we’ll prove it.  1-888-788-0101.

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9 LED High Couture Aluminum Flashlight (Overseas 8-10 Weeks)

9 LED High Couture Aluminum Flashlight (Overseas 8 10 Weeks)

as low as $3.30

9 LED Rocket Aluminum Flashlight (Overseas 8-10 Weeks)

9 LED Rocket Aluminum Flashlight (Overseas 8 10 Weeks)

as low as $1.90

9 LED Torpedo Aluminum Flashlight (Overseas 8-10 Weeks)

9 LED Torpedo Aluminum Flashlight (Overseas 8 10 Weeks)

as low as $2.05

LED Compact Flashlight (Overseas 8-10 Weeks)

LED Compact Flashlight (Overseas 8 10 Weeks)

as low as $2.15

LED Pen Light w/ Pocket Clip (Overseas 8-10 Weeks)

LED Pen Light w/ Pocket Clip (Overseas 8 10 Weeks)

as low as $1.65

Whistle Keylight (Printed)

Whistle Keylight (Printed)

as low as $0.50

14 LED Aluminum Flashlight (Direct Import-10 Weeks Ocean)

14 LED Aluminum Flashlight (Direct Import 10 Weeks Ocean)

as low as $3.99

Laser Pointer Flashlight (Direct Import-10 Weeks Ocean)

Laser Pointer Flashlight (Direct Import 10 Weeks Ocean)

as low as $1.99

The Amenia 14 LED Flashlight (Direct Import-10 Weeks Ocean)

The Amenia 14 LED Flashlight (Direct Import 10 Weeks Ocean)

as low as $2.49

The Viper Flashlight Keychain (Direct Import-10 Weeks Ocean)

The Viper Flashlight Keychain (Direct Import 10 Weeks Ocean)

as low as $1.09

Turbo Flashlight Keychain (Direct Import-10 Weeks Ocean)

Turbo Flashlight Keychain (Direct Import 10 Weeks Ocean)

as low as $0.65

Bottle Opener Keychain with LED Light

Bottle Opener Keychain with LED Light

as low as $0.55

Mini Crank Flashlight

Mini Crank Flashlight

as low as $1.65

Safety Light

Safety Light

as low as $0.95

Whistle Carabiner Flashlight

Whistle Carabiner Flashlight

as low as $1.90

I Sight Best Friend's LED Collar Light

I Sight Best Friend's LED Collar Light

as low as $4.98

I Sight Emergency Whistle Strobe Flashlight

I Sight Emergency Whistle Strobe Flashlight

as low as $4.98

I Sight LED Cap Light

I Sight LED Cap Light

as low as $6.50

Led Flashlight Carabiner

Led Flashlight Carabiner

as low as $0.68

Red Light Whistle Key Chain with Compass (45 Days)

Red Light Whistle Key Chain with Compass (45 Days)

as low as $0.40

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In the backyard, it’s finally getting dark.  The kids have been out there for 2 or 3 hours and they haven’t come in yet.  Keeping your fingers crossed you realize they have all the flashlights out there with them.  How will you sneak out there to see if they are sleeping?  Well, you remember the one on your key chain that your favorite vendor gave you.  Simple, you know where it is and you know it works!  Perfect!  You can’t have too many shoes or flashlights.  (or chocolate) They are one item that is always welcome.  No matter how many flashlights you think you have it’s really tough to find them when you need them. 

Safety requires you to plan ahead but who thinks about batteries and location when the electricity is on or you clearly don’t need one?  OSHA thinks flashlights are so important for safety they even have training on proper use of them.  While that may not be true, regulations tell us that flashlights, glow sticks and emergency lighting must be placed stairwells must be tested to support exit if an emergency condition exists. Safety equipment required by OSHA for exits is a must. During inspection, they will check each and every emergency exit you have to make sure there is proper exit signage including emergency lights.  Why not prep your team and put your logo on those flashlights?  Give each team member one for their desk and make sure they are in the common areas.  It’s just a good idea. 

Put flashlights on desks, in pockets, out back, in the emergency stair well, in the car, the backpack, with the car keys, or the house key, clip, hook, slip through the loop, on a lanyard, place in a drawer, with a set of tools, with a crank for power or with batteries, mag, light, LED light, pig shape, shaped like a cow, dog or a star.  What’s your brand which one or ones fit what you want them to know about your brand?

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